Don’t lose that moment of glory!

Jerseys, musical instruments, old books, cricket bats and balls, christening dresses, caps, footy boots … we’ve applied our creative talents to sports and memorabilia framing from all areas of the arts, entertainment and service industries. We know you’ve got them! Tucked away in shoeboxes, in drawers, under beds…family history gathering dust and being forgotten. Frame up those memories and make them something to be proud of! No matter what the achievement or memory, Boutique Framing can make a unique framed wall display that everyone will admire.


What are some recommendations for sports framing and memorabilia framing?

It’s one thing to make it look great now – we need to stay great! We achieve this by only using conservation grade matboard and employing appropriate mounting techniques to ensure that all framed objects stay in pristine condition for decades to come. Between us we can choose a frame that is deep enough to keep the glass away from the object (if it touches condensation and mould could develop). Or if you love a frame that doesn’t have the depth required, we can easily build a box at the back. The box will help keep your memorabilia away from the glass and safe for years to come.


Which type of glass do we use for memorabilia framing?

The often-overlooked factor in the longevity of framed items is the glazing that is chosen. We know the consequence of UV rays on our skin – it has the same effect on what we frame, whether that be memorabilia framing, picture framing, or anything else you may wish to frame. Thanks to modern technology, we can use glass that will block out 99% of damaging UV light. Then there’s the truly amazing Museum Glass that boasts less than 1% light reflection for optimum clarity. You have to see for yourself to believe the difference it makes to your framing project. It’s virtually invisible! If you’re framing highly valued sports memorabilia at Boutique Framing consider that it’s worthwhile to protect it from irreversible damage. You can do this by using the best

type of glass, which will prevent sun and UV damage. Whatever it is, bring it in to our store at Ascot, Brisbane and between us we’ll create a design that will ensure that your memorabilia is a source of pride for decades to come.