Why leave those medals in a drawer where no one can see them?

War medals of serving soldiers and nurses…medallions of athletic and scholastic achievements…every family has potent reminders of where they have come from and who was important to them. When you get them up on the wall they become a showpiece that everyone can admire all year round. Yesterdays dust collectors can be framed and become proud family heirlooms!

At Boutique Framing, we appreciate that you are entrusting us with your family’s heritage. So when it comes to medal framing, we make sure that we use framing techniques and materials that will last for many years to come.

What materials do we use for our medal framing?

For starters, conservation grade matboard is standard at Boutique. That means no harmful acids can cause damage to the precious medals and objects that the mount comes in contact with. Equally important is that your keepsakes do not touch the glass, which can cause condensation and mould to occur. We achieve this separation by using multiple mounting or other spacers, depending on the frame design that we create.

Obviously the medal frame has to be deep enough to hold the glass away from the objects. If the frame you love is not deep enough – no problem. We can easily build a box behind to do the job. Between us we can make

choices that echo the era of the medals to be framed, and still sit comfortably within the décor of your home or office.

Which type of glass do you recommend for medal framing?

The ultimate glazing product for use in framing is Museum Glass. It offers 99% protection against irreversible UV light damage, and its optical coating provides optimum clarity and less than 1% light reflection. It’s nearly invisible and the best choice for your medal framing project! Pop into Boutique Framing and see the amazing difference Museum Glass could make to your framed treasures. Let’s face it. If you wanted to see your own reflection you’d look in a mirror!

It’s a worthwhile idea to incorporate photographs, a service record, a plaque with name and dates etc, newspaper clippings or any other examples of achievements into the total framing project. As the years pass, memory dims. With sufficient thought now, you will ensure that the person who earned the medals will not be forgotten. With Boutique Framing’s help, you can create a unique record for the next generation to admire also.