Canvas Stretching

Whether you have a traditional Aboriginal art, a classic oil painting or a reproduction of a photograph printed on canvas, the first thing you need to do is to stretch your canvas.  We custom build our stretchers to fit any size canvas using high quality bars which are strong, economical and dimensionally stable. On larger work we insert support braces to keep the canvas taut and in square.





In stretching a canvas, we have a couple of options.  Museum wrapped means the art is all on the face of the canvas, with the white (or coloured) sides wrap around the side of the frame, then neatly stapled at the back.  Gallery wrapped usually involves the picture continuing around the sides of the frame and neatly stapled at the back.



When we  stretch  frame your canvas, we like to give it a truly professional finish and extra protection by fully enclosing the back in. This not only looks good, it also helps prevent the insects from trying to make it their home.


Take your canvas to the next level by putting a frame around.   it we have an extensive range of traditional and contemporary frames to choose from.


A “floater” frame puts a floating border around the canvas, leaving a fine gap between canvas and frame for a sophisticated but subtle look.  We also have a range of traditional and contemporary frames that can be used with or without glass.  A glass enclosure can assist in protecting the canvas fromenvironmental factors such as dust and smoke.







Call in to our Ascot showroom, and between us we can discuss the range of options for your canvas stretching project