Framing FAQ’s

I need a quote—-How can I get an idea on price?

This is our most often asked question, but because most pieces of work are unique, it’s usually not straightforward to answer.

The price will depend on the size, the frame chosen, any matting if required, the type of glass, and any other materials needed to frame the work appropriately. With all these variables, the best and most accurate way is for you to bring it in. That way we can verify the size, confirm how you’d like it to look, and offer you some options.


Can you frame my needlework?

Needlework represents an investment of time and talent that deserves the use of preservation framing techniques. We use conservation matting or spacers to separate the textile from the glass, which provides air circulation and helps prevent condensation and mould growth. With our experience and expertise we’ll use an attachment technique appropriate for each piece so that you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

Can you save my dinosaur?

The dinosaurs are the photos and artworks that were framed years ago. You’ll recognize them by the brown edges on the mats and the general discolouration of the artwork. Damaging acids are eating away at them every day. Bring them in for a refurb – if the damage has gone too far, we’ll send it on to a specialist conservator. Otherwise, we’ll simply reframe using conservation materials and UV filtered glass. If you love the work, it’s worth the effort to arrest the damage. We can bring your dinosaur into the 21st century!

Picture Framing Brisbane by Boutique Framing

How do we choose a frame?

First we will discuss the item to be framed and run through a few of the basic options which are available, such as a coloured frame, classic black and white, textured or recessed framing and whether or not you are looking for a wood grain finish or a stylish neat trim.

After running through the initial options with you we will then start to think about the colour combination that will work best with your item and the setting in which your framed object will live. We’ll then grab a few frame examples off our wall and compare them up against your piece to be framed so that we can have a better idea of what the final result will look like. Once you are happy we will then make a final decision with you and measure up the piece to be framed.

What is a mat and do I need one?

A mat is a border placed around the work, which will help separate the piece inside from the glass. The mat also helps to highlight the item itself and creates a great visual effect between the picture frame and work inside. Mats also help to discourage moisture and mould development, particularly in our hot, humid environment.

We stock a wide range of mat colours and which will enhance your work and combine with the piece and frame to make a stunning result.

How long  will the job take?

Because we handle our work in-house, we have the facilities to bend over backwards to help you meet your framing deadline.

Usually we can have your piece or picture framed in 7 – 10 working days,  depending on availability of stock

Some more complex jobs may need extra time.

We stay in contact with our clients via SMS, which allows us to text you with the progress of your work and also let you know when the job is completed.